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mincemeat / фарш
имя существительное
stuffing, forcemeat, mincemeat, mince, filling, farce
имя существительное
a mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, typically baked in a pie.
in Britain, is a miniature round pie, filled with mincemeat : typically a mixture of dried fruits, chopped nuts and apples, suet, spices, and lemon juice, vinegar, or brandy.
minced meat.
We also do rhubarb, strawberry, and lemon, and I make my own mincemeat out of elk meat.
When I was a child we stirred next year's plum pudding in October and made mincemeat in November.
Kashmir offers not only a great shooting locations, it is also where he gets addicted to saffron rice cooked on hot coals, and mincemeat with cream and almond sauce.
To ensure the precious recipe is not lost forever she has stored it on her PC with other recipes for cakes and mincemeat she has collected from the M.E.N. over the years.
We also do rhubarb, strawberry, and lemon, and I make my own mincemeat out of elk meat.
My own pepper was equally satisfying; a whole, succulent green pepper so tender it melted in the mouth, piping hot and stuffed to bursting with rice and mincemeat .
Today they gave my bulldog, Dora, a bowl of mincemeat to eat under the table.
The final cook-off is the culmination of an eight month long search for the best amateur mincemeat and pastry cook in the country.
The family cook runs out of mincemeat , the cake is not iced yet and the tree is still to be decorated.
Throw them with abandon into mincemeat , muffins, cookies, fruit loafs - they taste and look particularly gorgeous in a carrot cake.
And as for Christmas pudding - well, I might remind you that the main ingredient of this is mincemeat .