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mince / фарш
имя существительное
stuffing, forcemeat, mincemeat, mince, filling, farce
hack, cut, chop, cut down, hew, mince
пропускать через мясорубку
держаться жеманно
имя существительное
something minced, especially mincemeat.
put the mince on a dish
cut up or grind (food, especially meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades.
minced beef
walk with an affected delicacy or fastidiousness, typically with short quick steps.
there were plenty of secretaries mincing about
I knew I didn't mince or anything, but I really didn't think I swaggered.
It's her movie without a doubt and the script is fine-tuned to showcase her comic talents (not to mention her deportment, decorum and the ability to mince around wearing kitten heels and a bikini).
Truman Capote may have been the only man who could mince while slouching; that takes exceptional skill.
I like to use lean beef mince from the supermarket.
Let's face it, beef mince especially, is the worst quality meat product that is allowed to be sold.
Add the cooked mince to the mixture together with seasoning, 1 small egg, beaten, and 25g flour, mix thoroughly.
Looks a great colour in the pan, tastes of proper beef, lovely coarse mince .
In some places hummus is topped with cooked lamb mince , which is utterly delicious - though mutton is often used instead, and to the uninitiated this can be a rather strong flavour.
The potatoes are boiling, the simmering mince smells like proper home cooking.
I did manage to get a pack of Heritage premium pork sausages half price, at 82p, and 500g of lean beef mince for £2.69.