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minatory / угрожающий
имя прилагательное
threatening, menacing, ominous, rampant, critical, minatory
имя прилагательное
expressing or conveying a threat.
he is unlikely to be deterred by minatory finger-wagging
All of these punishments were performed in the presence of the offenders' military unit and were seen simply in terms of minatory retribution and deterrence.
But their role in the new order was necessarily prophetic and minatory .
He could be both hortatory and minatory in his public utterances and yet retreat to a small, still voice in the solitude of his study.
Exploitations of various kinds, in several directions, are recounted in a tone both minatory and droll.
Now that he is sending minatory letters to blameless booksellers, this verdict may have to be reviewed.
His depiction of a minatory US foreign policy and its sinister motives is grossly unfair.
In the first movement, the Lambeg drums are male, minatory , and hostile, in conflict with the main orchestra.
It can be reconciled with everything in Scripture, at least if the statements of Jesus on hell are taken as minatory rather than predictive.
The leaders of the fuel protest in 2000 have been making minatory noises.
These frontier wilderlands are the retreat of a nostalgic whimsy, and the drawing rooms of the nascent American metropolis are now invested with a minatory playfulness.