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mimosa / мимоза
имя существительное
имя существительное
an Australian acacia tree with delicate fernlike leaves and yellow flowers that are used by florists.
They feed mainly on leaves of acacia and mimosa , using their 450 mm extendable tongues and mobile lips to secure their food.
another name for the silk tree.
German scientists assert that mimosa tree bark is part of the heavily-guarded Coca Cola recipe (a concoction that has been making people happy for decades!).
a plant of a genus that includes the sensitive plant.
Yesterday I added 4 Yellow Goat's Horn pepper seeds, my hop seeds and some mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) seed.
a drink of champagne and orange juice.
Some people I know drink that much in free champagne and mimosas .
Shrugging, Chelsea takes another sip of her mimosa .
And if you order this with a mimosa , I promise you that your day will start off nicely.
The flower of the mimosa tree is also used to relieve constrained Liver qi, and calm the spirit when the associated symptoms of insomnia, poor memory, irritability, epigastric pain, and feelings of pressure in the chest are present.
The gold lasted for barely a year but in the meantime numerous trees were planted in the area: wild acacia, teak, olive, tambotie, beech, ebony, seringa, mimosa and quince.
I filled two champagne flutes, his with a regular mimosa and mine with an odd concoction, and brought them out.
He is fingering a dark pink mimosa bloom, which he's pulled from the low branches of the tree sloping over the corner of our yard.
He's credited with the introduction to the West of eucalyptus, acacia, mimosa , and the genus named after him, Banksia, all well known species in Australia where his mark was firmly left.
Just add green salsa, plus huge mugs of potent coffee or a $7 bottomless mimosa that is no better than most of its ilk.
Yes, you can sow the seeds from the mimosa pods, but nick the hard coats or drop them in boiling water before sowing to encourage germination.
The shrubs' flowers, in tufts like a mimosa 's but the color of cream, bloomed over blunt oval leaves.