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mime / мим, пантомима, мимист
имя существительное
mime, mimic, pantomime, panto
pantomime, mime, panto, dumb show, mummery
simulate, mimic, imitate, mime
imitate, mimic, emulate, copy, ape, mime
исполнять роль в пантомиме
имя существительное
the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement.
It offers workshops providing acting skills, voice, movement, mime , improvisation, text reading, stagecraft, character development and confidence building.
(in ancient Greece and Rome) a simple farcical drama including mimicry.
In fact, in Greece during the first centuries ad the term denoted a category of actors who recreated ancient legends on stage through dramatic mimes !
use gesture and movement without words in the acting of (a play or role).
The title role was mimed in the original version.
имя существительное
a standard for formatting files of different types, such as text, graphics, or audio, so they can be sent over the Internet and seen or played by a web browser or e-mail application.
You have to imagine a combination of Dr Johnson, Isaiah Berlin, Peter Sellers, and don't forget Charlie Chaplin because Peter was a great mime too.
With a cast of 66, lots of music and humour, the mime is produced by Aysha Rau and directed by Aparna Gopinath.
Their easy, unforced use of gesture breathes life into mime , making it an extension of speech.
Her vocabulary was composed of simple runs, skips, and jumps; large, expressive gestures and playful mime .
Their attack on George, a 58 year-old United Church minister who was performing a mime , was totally uncalled for, and seemed to be designed to provoke an angry reaction from a peaceful crowd.
The mime in Act 1 looked foreshortened - but I'm used to the Peter Wright version which makes much of it.
She has a habit of being photographed menacing her band-mate with an antique sword, for one thing, and for another, well, she makes herself up like a mime before performances.
McColl's delightful monologue is the most well integrated of the five, assisted by physical theatre and mime .
he performed a brief mime of someone fencing
Lose yourself at the Wits Theatre in Braamfontein, where Just In Time interweaves mime and movement, and illusion and the surreal take centre stage.