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milton / milton
In alluding to the Miltonic passage, Dryden provides a denouement for the typology that makes a Satan of Achitophel both in his satiric portrait and in his temptation of Absalom.
The Miltonian similitude connotes the nobility of the commitment; Milton's mythic status rightly underlines the values of freedom and justice and the intrinsic good of commitments to these things.
‘I have accepted the fact that there will never be a kairos moment for me, just an uneventful Miltonian plow-the-fields discipline… a few more cups of mocha grande at Starbucks, each one losing a little bit more of its flavor,’ he wrote.
This Miltonian endeavor was recorded on his second album ‘Xorcist’ over the telephone from his current residence in a California correctional facility.
Tennyson is unlikely to have intended to echo Wordsworth in this way - to echo, that is, not identifiable expressions, but Wordsworth's manner of adapting Miltonic blank verse to personal reflection.
But the specific point of this particular allegorization and appropriation is, in a kind of recursive loop, to support the sacred poetics which the Miltonic narrator is building for himself.
Lowell's Lord Weary pounded iambic thunder in brilliant Miltonic paragraphing, as decisive as Yeats without sounding like Yeats.
ECUSA's episcopal identity stands in an almost suicidal relationship with the Miltonian anti-episcopal understanding of religious liberty.
Her words are measured like Miltonian syllables.
Whitman's voice was not Shakespearean, not Miltonic , not even very poetic to Anglo-tuned ears.