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milord / милорд
имя существительное
my lord, milord
имя существительное
used to address or refer to an English nobleman, especially one traveling in Europe.
‘Thank you, milord .’ she said, bowing her head with gratefulness
I will pay what I can, milord , though I have no money.
Well, milord , material like this sells for coppers; to have me turn the shop over to my journeyman and apprentice though, I'd have to charge you as though the cost were measured in silver.
She was found behind the fortress walls, milord .
I suggest you take back that slanderous comment milord .
Please give us a description of your boat - milord !
I only listen to milord and milord 's wife, Queen Emerald.
Yet I fear I am new to the city… would you consider guiding myself and Dunstan, milord ?
Sorry, milord , however this is my time to take in the city.
I guess the fight was getting good when I came, I'm sorry milord for interrupting.
Unless, milord Dunstan, this is the conclusion to some strange Northern ritual, and you wish to ask me something…?