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millstone / жернов, бремя
имя существительное
millstone, grindstone, grinder, edge stone
burden, drag, weight, onus, load, millstone
имя существительное
each of two circular stones used for grinding grain.
On a more secular level, stone was used for a number of purposes, the most widespread being the manufacture of quern stones and millstones in water-mills.
a heavy and inescapable responsibility.
she threatened to become a millstone around his neck
The house is lovely but it's a millstone round your neck if you can't make enough money to redecorate it.
His target of eight golds was arguably a millstone around his neck.
Sadly, it is often the case that students emerge under a mountain of sour loans, which prove a millstone for much of their early working life.
Now there are fears that the building near Victoria Station could become a financial millstone for the city.
I felt like a millstone round her neck, her own health problems taking a back seat to my own.
This external debt has turned into a millstone because it has to be repaid.
That is a huge millstone around students' necks.
Can anyone tell me if, when and how the millstone of debt is to be removed from the club's neck?
she threatened to become a millstone round his neck
And of course one of the last times a political leader ventured boldly into the territory, his words became a millstone around his neck.