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millet / просо, пшено
имя существительное
millet, bulrush
имя прилагательное
из проса
имя существительное
a fast-growing cereal plant that is widely grown in warm countries and regions with poor soils. The numerous small seeds are used to make flour or alcoholic drinks.
They grow cereals (sorghum, finger millet , and maize), oil seeds (sesame and niger seed), legumes, and root crops.
Cereals such as oats, barley, millet , buckwheat, rye, sesame, nuts and seeds are preferable.
The most important food crops are millet and sorghum; large quantities of rice are imported.
They also eat grains such as Chinese sorghum, corn, millet , oats, and buckwheat.
We know that the ancient Austronesians grew rice, millet , and sugar cane.
About half the people eat rice as their staple, while the remainder subsist on wheat, barley, maize, and millet .
Wheat, barley, rice, rye, oats, millet and corn are the world's top food crops.
A favorite beverage of the Sherpas is Chang, a beer made from maize, millet , or other grains.
Oats, millet , opium poppies, and flax were also being cultivated by the end of the Neolithic period.
The most common foods are beans, corn, peas, millet , sorghum, cassava, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
Or, if moisture is received, planting a later crop such as millet or sunflowers may be an option.