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miller / мельник, фрезеровщик, фрезерный станок
имя существительное
фрезерный станок
miller, milling-machine
имя существительное
a person who owns or works in a grain mill.
She said that the government had been running programs since 2003 to encourage big corn millers to create a win-win partnership with small-scale farmers in corn-producing areas nationwide.
He is a miller at Nelstrops flour mill in Stockport, where he has worked for nearly 30 years
The miller may own his mill, or may hire it from its owner.
The area was also home to two cabinet makers, a carpenter, a tailor, a miller , and two physicians, as well as teachers, preachers, and farmers.
John is the other student from Cambridge who comes to the miller for ground corn for the steward.
As it turned out, knowing that universal fortification would be required by 1 January 1998, most millers fortified their products voluntarily before the mandatory deadline.
The total number of autopsies of miners and millers conducted among these subjects from 1983 to 1991 is unknown to us.
The difference goes into the hands of millers , agents and the wholesale dealers.
The smooth rapport between Government and the millers and indeed other stakeholders clearly shows that no problem is insurmountable if people put their heads together.
Growers should liaise with merchants and coarse ration millers in their areas with a view to growing beans as an alternative source of protein.
Some of the millers who worked the mills from 1747 to 1927 are documented in the amenity park.