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milky / молочный
имя прилагательное
lactic, dairy, milky, milk, milch, deciduous
имя прилагательное
containing or mixed with a large amount of milk.
a cup of sweet milky coffee
weak and compliant.
they just talk that way to make you turn milky
I think the curiously Italian milky coffee they call galao in Portugal just about qualifies.
The cavity then filled with the plant's sweet, milky sap.
It was a milky colour and looked ethereal in sunlight.
To finish this festive breakfast, here is the sweet grape hearthbread, which is just as good to serve with rich milky coffee or a cup of tea.
His beautiful milky skin and white hair were stained forever by his own blood.
His eyes have gone all milky and his skin has got darker, which shows that he's about to get rid of his skin.
Within this unique ecosystem, high levels of silica, minerals and algae form a light sediment at the bottom of the lagoon, giving it a soft milky aquamarine colour.
The sleeve was pulled back revealing milky white skin.
Then there are those whose blue eyes or milky skin or pin-straight hair enables them to glide unsuspected through the grocery store, job interview or police traffic stop.
We squatted on the floor and scoffed and then washed it down with sweet milky tea.