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milkshake / молочный коктейль
имя существительное
молочный коктейль
milk shake
имя существительное
a cold drink made of milk, a sweet flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and typically ice cream, whisked until it is frothy.
I refused to let Marty buy me a drink and settled for a chocolate milkshake .
My conflicting impressions are further entrenched when he orders a beer followed by a chocolate milkshake .
While we eat, locals pop in for takeaway chips, milkshakes and ice cream.
He said it was because he was paid to sit around and drink milkshakes all day.
Aside from proteins, there are also salads, wraps, fries, onion rings, ice cream and milkshakes , as well as various combos.
All I have to do is drink these two special milkshakes for breakfast and lunch, eat a proper dinner at the end of the day and soon I will be glorious.
I learned to eat toast without jam, salads without dressings, even milkshakes without ice cream.
They were each attempting to suck their incredibly thick chocolate milkshakes through the straw.
Everyone else agreed to this, so they went back to the hotel café and ordered some chocolate and vanilla milkshakes and a basket of donuts to eat.
Easter break was welcomed by me as much as I welcome strawberry flavoured banana milkshakes with ice cream, which is a lot.