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milkman / молочник, продавец молока, разносчик молока
имя существительное
milkman, milk jug
продавец молока
разносчик молока
имя существительное
a person who delivers and sells milk.
The plaintiff was a 13-year-old child who had been employed by a milkman to help deliver milk from a van.
One milkman took to delivering his milk at night because the snow had been trampled flat.
But gone are the days when fresh milk was served at our doorstep with the milkman 's knock at the door waking us up everyday.
A milkman carrying two cans of milk on a motor cycle lost balance and fell on his side on a flooded road.
Mr Smith is a milkman who was delivering to the premises.
For years the milkman and postie kept an eye out for the most vulnerable residents on their rounds.
Houses have been demolished and replaced with flats and it seems the era of when everyone got their milk from the milkman is slowly fading.
Your daily milk printout from your milkman is your eyes, ears and feet of your grassland management and feeding regime.
He had to get up at a ridiculously early hour, before the birds would start their morning song and before the milkman would deliver his pints.
A fearless milkman used his milk cart to ram into a robber's getaway car just minutes after being threatened with a gun.
As long as you don't steal milk from the same house too often the milkman will probably get the blame for not delivering it.