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military / военные, военнослужащие, войска
имя существительное
military, soldiery
troops, forces, troop, force, military, array
имя прилагательное
military, war, wartime, martial, warlike
military, soldierly, soldierlike
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces.
both leaders condemned the buildup of military activity
имя существительное
the armed forces of a country.
as a young man he joined the military and pursued a career in the Army
When land was held by feudal tenure, military service was due from a tenant to his lord.
These frequencies get filtered based on what the military deems is right and wrong.
There was certainly no way they would maintain the proud traditions of the military .
Having set itself up to do so, it has nothing critical to say about war or the military .
Like the looming military campaign, few expect the legal fight to be short or easy.
The issue of military service did not matter to the same extent in Great Britain.
Men from the regiment gave military displays and demonstrated how to load muskets.
Confident in their military prowess, they preferred to try the arbitrament of war.
The difficulty here is that resource strength does not always lead to military victory.
They are operated by civilians who don't have the first idea what the military is about.