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militarize / милитаризировать, военизировать
give (something, especially an organization) a military character or style.
militarized police forces
The last thing this stupid species needs is more guns, and the last thing we need to do is militarize space.
A common method for totalitarian regimes to maintain control is to militarize society and set it on a constant war footing.
It's a way to militarize space without alarming anyone.
It is imperative that we let our leaders know that we do not support militarization and war.
The regimentation and militarization of society fall hardest on the youth.
The fact that none of the officers involved appears to have had any qualms with participating in this sordid affair speaks volumes about the degree to which the nation's police forces have been militarized .
There has also been a heavily militarized aspect of the response.
Recent events have shown just how militarized - and deadly - our civilian police forces have become.
During the civil war the country was highly militarized , with 32,000 soldiers.
While there, I saw what ethnic conflict and the militarisation of gang warfare can mean in a community.