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militant / боевой, воинствующий, воинственный
имя прилагательное
combat, fighting, battle, militant, combative, live
warlike, bellicose, militant, martial, belligerent, combative
имя существительное
activist, militant
fighter, warrior, combatant, battler, militant, effective
fighter, wrestler, struggler, champion, bruiser, militant
имя прилагательное
combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.
a militant nationalist
имя существительное
a militant person.
Some militants become active late in life, others at an early age.
Health workers do not just need a more militant leadership, however, but an alternative political perspective.
The generals in turn used the opportunity to crack down on more militant opponents and stabilise the political situation.
One theme touched on was how the most militant activists should organise.
The key question for students was to turn to the working class and arm this militant movement with a conscious socialist orientation.
We need to build a network of activists that can build militant protests against war, and can also deliver solidarity with all the groups of workers fighting back.
In the ensuing gun battle one militant was shot dead while his accomplice managed to slip into the other side.
Communism has been replaced by equally totalistic and militant forms of nationalism and religious fundamentalism.
During the raid, the troops captured another militant in the apartment.
On yet further occasions, she seems to represent a new intellectual phenomenon: militant social democracy.
Yet the impact of war soon made the munitions centres fertile ground for militant trade unionism and socialist agitation.