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mike / микрофон
имя существительное
microphone, mike, mouthpiece, transmitter
sit back, laze, idle, loaf, dawdle, mike
отлынивать от работы
flub, mike
hang around, loaf, mooch, muck about, hang about, mike
имя существительное
a code word representing the letter M, used in radio communication.
a microphone.
The teachers alleged that the police first snatched the loud speaker and the mike , which was being used by them to address the gathering, and then pushed the girls who participated in the rally.
place a microphone close to (someone or something) or in (a place).
I told the sound guy that I didn't want to be miked up today; this was too important an outing for me and I needed nothing to divert my attention from the job in hand.
This may have had something to do with the microphone volume, which meant hunching close to the mike so that the folks in the back could hear.
Unknown to Becky, Patrick had a tiny speaker in his ear and a lapel mike on his jacket.
I theatrically cleared my throat and grabbed the mike like I owned it.
He cleared his throat at the mike and paused as the room settled down to a dull roar of voices and the tinkling of glass and silverware.
He goes to the podium, adjusts the mike and clears his throat.
Seizing the mike , camper Mike Pierce commands the crowd's attention with the confidence of a professional talk-show host.
I threw the mike on the ground and walked into Mike's house and up to his room.
I basically yell into my mike , and finish up the song at a loud roar.
that's a good mike for you, but you'll have plenty to do later on
we'll mike you up before the show