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migrate / мигрировать, переселяться, совершать перелет
move, resettle, migrate, emigrate, transmigrate, flit
совершать перелет
flight, migrate
(of an animal, typically a bird or fish) move from one region or habitat to another, especially regularly according to the seasons.
as autumn arrives, the birds migrate south
Washington birds appear to migrate east before turning south and migrating across the Gulf of Mexico.
cells that can form pigment migrate beneath the skin
The lipid was found to migrate as a single spot under thin layer chromatography.
Certain cells, such as fibroblasts - cells responsible for producing extracellular matrix in wound healing and tissue remodelling - will migrate along the tracks.
When TMC went out of business, users had to migrate to different systems that had less sophisticated software as well as different hardware architecture.
cells which can form pigment migrate beneath the skin
as autumn arrives, the birds migrate south
When an electric current is passed through this molten mixture, the aluminum ions migrate to the cathode, where they are reduced to metal.
The birds migrate to tropical forests for the winter.
After all, StarOffice is free, and is more about getting computer users to migrate from Windows than anything else.