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might / мощь, могущество, сила
имя существительное
power, might, capacity, vis
power, might, potency, puissance, potence
force, power, strength, intensity, might, energy
вспомогательный глагол
может быть
имя существительное
great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural force.
a convincing display of military might
in reported speech, expressing possibility or permission.
he said he might be late
expressing a possibility based on a condition not fulfilled.
we might have won if we'd played better
expressing annoyance about something that someone has not done.
you might have told me!
expressing purpose.
he avoided social engagements so that he might work
used in questions and requests.
expressing possibility.
that may be true
expressing permission.
you may use a sling if you wish
expressing a wish or hope.
may she rest in peace
and who might you be?
might I ask one question?
Even against the might of the party machines they will be difficult to dislodge.
We must encourage our leaders to use their heads rather than their might .
My suggestions for what might be happening were treated with, I felt, derision.
you might have told me!
There's no doubting that the might and grandeur of big mountains can make you feel very humble.
he said he might be late
Overall it was a fair performance from the local side who might well have won but for a few crucial errors.
However, he believes in the might of the pen and claims not to have used a computer.