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miff / вспышка раздражения, легкая ссора, размолвка
имя существительное
вспышка раздражения
tantrum, miff, outburst of petulance
легкая ссора
spat, tiff, rift, misunderstanding, variance, miff
injure, miff, eighty-six
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, miff
имя существительное
a petty quarrel or fit of pique.
she was slightly miffed at not being invited
like ladies in a miff who won't explain
Needless to say, I'm a tad miffed all round when it comes to gaming magazines.
The questioner assumes one is miffed by the question and does not include the option of relief.
I am slightly miffed that the NTUC Fairprice in my area is taking so long to be done with its renovations.
If I were them I'd be miffed by her insistence that when she dies they will not inherit a penny.
While leaving his house he was so miffed by a car that was illegally parked across his driveway that he lashed out and gave it a quick boot.
But this isn't about me being miffed at not getting into Bedford Square.
I said that I was with my friends and couldn't just leave and he was miffed again.
He had been de-selected for the council elections and must have been miffed .
I am somewhat miffed that if I am ever to achieve this ambition, I will have to put up with rather too much of this idiot's writings.