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midwinter / середина зимы, зимнее солнцестояние
имя существительное
середина зимы
зимнее солнцестояние
In midwinter , the sun's elevation does not exceed 20 to 23 degrees, and the shortest day consists of about nine hours of daylight.
In midwinter , coach trips are available daily from Como town to Madesimo to ski for the day.
Then she spoke softly, but her voice was cold as the ice when the midwinter sun rises.
The whole castle was in a flurry of excitement and preparation for the midwinter feast which was to be celebrated in a week.
The king had decided to pose a surprise attack on the northern fortress of Dramar, and the armies gathered right after the midwinter feast.
In temperate regions with warm winters, a few warm days, even in midwinter , can be enough to induce bud swelling, which can lead to budbreak if the warmth persists.
Rituals enacted in midwinter ensured the return of the sun in springtime to breathe life back into the barren soil and bring fertility to the land so that its inhabitants may reap a plentiful harvest.
Recognising this, he chose to arrive in midwinter when Venice is cold, wet and magnificently, beautifully bleak.
Manchester hardly has a reputation for being sunny and dry - especially in midwinter .
in midwinter the track became a muddy morass