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midweek / середина недели, среда
имя существительное
середина недели
midweek, inside of a week
Wednesday, environment, medium, surroundings, environ, midweek
имя существительное
the middle of the week, usually regarded as being from Tuesday to Thursday.
by midweek the strike could affect subways and buses
имя прилагательное
in the middle of the week.
a special midweek reduction
They came into this game full of confidence following their 2-0 win at Wimbledon in midweek .
The really noticeable difference in midweek , however, came off the pitch rather than on it.
We arrived there at 4.50 pm on what we were told was a quiet, normal midweek day.
There is a good article here on how adversely midweek voting affects American productivity.
The divers are a mix of small groups from clubs, regular midweek divers and locals.
From what he was saying in midweek , it was clear that Frank understood just how much more difficult it is to win on the road than when you're at home.
There were throaty, gloating roars from more than 30,000 fans as their side notched up another league win in midweek .
There really was a genuine demand from people who cannot make midweek racing to have the opportunity to attend on Friday.
The club says the lights will only be used on Saturdays and one midweek evening during the football season.
We will rotate it round providing we don't have any midweek games which clash.