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midway / полпути
имя существительное
на полпути
halfway, midway, half-seas-over
на полдороге
in or toward the middle of something.
Father Peter came to a halt midway down the street
имя существительное
an area of sideshows, games of chance or skill, or other amusements at a fair or exhibition.
the kids head straight for the midway
The same country that was prominent in the creation and signing of the Kyoto Protocol decided to switch sides midway through the debate.
This analysis indicated that R. alceifolius has a heteroblastic developmental pattern, midway between that of a bush and a liana.
Marion grew up in the carnival midway where smoking was expected.
The health-conscious approach persists, with requests for a dentist on site from artists midway through hefty European tours.
Before you head out to one, cast your own memory back to a cookout, a commencement, a walk down a carnival midway in your past.
Waterloo dominated the play throughout the game, lighting up the scoreboard with its first goal midway through the first half.
Like barkers on a carnival midway , it's not that I don't trust their sincerity and promises.
We are midway through our third season as far as taping goes.
In the end, Rick had won out, and fifteen minutes later, he dragged Dana down the midway of the carnival by her hand.
It was midway through the run that she began to struggle.