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midterm / экзамены в середине семестра
имя существительное
экзамены в середине семестра
midterm exams, midterm
имя существительное
the middle of a period of office, an academic term, or a pregnancy.
Nixon resigned in midterm
This became a major issue in the midterm elections.
Will they have as much of an impact in the midterm elections?
Ninety percent of the students in Quashie's class bombed the midterm .
Every student but one in my fall 2002 class responded that they preferred the on-line quizzes to an in-class midterm .
Her teacher had given her one more chance to pass the midterm within two weeks, and if she did so she wouldn't have to repeat the class the following year.
The presence of initiatives has the power to increase turnout by as much as 9 percent in midterm elections and 3 percent in presidential election years.
The answers to the eighth-grade geography midterm are in her hands.
The party of the president typically does not fare well in midterm elections.
Republicans rule both chambers of Congress and the midterm elections are nearly two years into the future.
We know that historically the party that holds the White House loses seats in Congress in their first midterm election.