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midsummer / середина лета, летнее солнцестояние
имя существительное
середина лета
летнее солнцестояние
Although the plants bear tall spikes of white or lavender flowers in midsummer , hosta are planted primarily for the season-long show of their striking foliage.
The Colchicum is much larger with goblet-shaped, fleshy flowers that are resistant to rain and should be planted in midsummer .
Whether you start with seeds or transplants, planting in midsummer means heat is likely to stress young broccoli plants.
A peculiar experience occurs in thick Australian bushland in the shimmering heat of midsummer 's noon.
Unfortunately the midsummer heat in Athens means his young children Pippa, three, and Oliver, one, will have to stay at home in Faringdon with his wife Georgina, 38.
the midsummer heat
The shabby redbrick facades of Het Straatje, or the little street, drowse like its denizens in the midsummer heat.
Next, imagine you're down there, on the ground in midsummer 's heat.
In southernmost regions, your garden's rest period probably will coincide with the intense midsummer heat instead of winter.
It is a midsummer experience for the middle class every year.