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midsize / среднего размера
  • midsize businesses - средний бизнес
  • midsize sedan - среднеразмерный седан
имя прилагательное
of an average size; intermediate in size between large and small.
a midsize pickup
With more horsepower than the nearest competitor, the Aviator is an excellent value in the midsize luxury SUV category.
Madison Cold weather didn't stop Wisconsin from packing a one-two punch among midsize cities.
The Minister has set a precedent by calling in the consent for the Turitea wind-farm, a fairly ordinary mid-sized wind project.
Highway driving range is approximately 500 highway miles on a tank of fuel, the best in the mid-size SUV class.
The multiple functions performed by Swiss automatic machines help increase production speeds for machining parts with midsized diameters.
Not bad for a mid-size player in a rapidly shrinking industry.
Objectively, Apple Computer is a mid-sized company with a tiny share of its primary market.
Following the success of its Small Business Server, Microsoft has launched an integrated Windows Essential Business Server for mid-sized businesses.
Lost amid the jabber over what the Next Big Thing in passenger vehicles is likely to be, is the humble midsized sedan.
Enjoy luxury at sea, aboard the elegant mid-sized ships sophisticated travelers prefer.