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midships / посередине корабля, у миделя
посередине корабля
amidships, midships
у миделя
amidships, midships
There was no one in sight, but he heard a fiddle and what sounded like an accordion, and what he'd thought was just an anchor light was also the gleam of light from the scuttles of a low, midships deckhouse.
It is smothered in plumose anemones but the scrap is still clearly visible on the decks, with the partially collapsed midships section revealing yet more cargo.
Her remains include the bows and midships section in 20-25m, while her stern lies a little off the main reef in 50-55m and is consequently rarely dived.
Most of the midships area has collapsed in on itself, the weight buckling the hull outwards.
Most of the midships section had collapsed and was unsafe to penetrate.
the main midships galley
The midships building is only a shell, though standing upright.
It is shotted to the midships mast and the deck is at 30m.
Shoals of chromis and damsels with large grouper among them cruised the wreck as we slowly ascended towards the midships section.
Rather than end the dive and ascend from here, a convenient way to move slowly shallower and get the most from a dive computer is to follow the hull back to the midships area, slowly making your way up the hull.