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midland / удаленный от моря, внутренний, центральный
имя прилагательное
удаленный от моря
inland, midland
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, midland
central, focal, centric, pivotal, nodal, midland
имя существительное
внутренняя часть страны
inland, midland
имя прилагательное
of or in the middle part of a country.
In many areas, especially in the eastern Cape, coastal and midland Natal, and the highveld of the Transvaal and the Free State, loss of land necessitated changes in the way that African families survived.
имя существительное
the middle part of a country.
It is a fine example of one of the last remaining raised bogs in the country and is believed to be the finest raised bog in the midlands .
имя существительное
a city in central Michigan; population 40,917 (est. 2008).
a city in western Texas, an oil industry center in the Permian Basin; population 106,561 (est. 2008).
I'd like to ride some more international races such as the Avalanche cup and races at home like the Scottish, Nambs Nemba's midland series, and the Gold runs.
In turn, this midland plan will be forwarded to the National Drugs Strategy Unit.
Portlaoise is no exception, but the difference between Portlaoise and other midland counties is that the ‘townies’ can boast of currently having 27 eating houses in the ‘town’.
Teams take part in various competitions including the Dublin league and midland leagues.
The club is competing in the Kilkenny and midland Area Leagues.
This demonstrates either a complete lack of understanding of the problems facing midland counties at the highest level in government or an unwillingness to tackle the problem.
Would the south-east and midland farmers be so anxious to quit the beet industry then?
It is extraordinary to see the mixture of people, the old traditional western or midland farmer and your business type.
Two zoologists, who carried out a survey on midland lakes, state that there are from seven to thirteen mink per 10 km shoreline.
How are the midland towns taking the news of the war?