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midget / карлик, лилипут, фитюлька
имя существительное
dwarf, midget, gnome, pygmy, manikin, elf
midget, lilliputian, homunculus, homuncule
little thing, midget
имя прилагательное
miniature, diminutive, cameo, midget, toy, elfin
имя существительное
an extremely or unusually small person.
имя прилагательное
very small.
a midget submarine
A midget submarine was then sent down, filming the bow, bridge and foredeck of the ship.
The Japanese, on the other hand, lost 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines.
Japanese losses were five midget submarines and about 28 aircraft, for a total of less than 50 men.
He interrupted his medical studies to join the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during the second world war and after Atlantic convoy duty he served on midget submarines, although he was over six feet tall.
Sydney's defences were used in anger only once when two Japanese midget submarines attacked Sydney Harbour on the night of May 31, 1942.
Historians and television crews have returned to the Arctic Circle in the latest attempt to find a British midget submarine lost in an attack on the Tirpitz 60 years ago.
Tethered to it are two midget submarines said to be the same class of craft as those that attacked the Tirpitz.
Three were to operate as a screen for the Pearl Harbor strike force, 20 others were to position themselves around Oahu, and 5 others each were to carry a two-man midget submarine.
One of the many interesting sidebars includes computer-enhanced images of a classic battle photo that reveals the previously unnoticed presence of midget submarines just off Battleship Row.
In June, midget submarines went on to attack inside Sydney Head while beachside suburbs were shelled by larger submarines