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middling / средний, посредственный, сносный
имя прилагательное
average, secondary, medium, middle, mean, middling
mediocre, middling, ordinary, indifferent, moderate, fair
passable, bearable, tolerable, reasonable, middling, respectable
tolerably, reasonably, passably, middling, fairly, fairly well
так себе
middling, nohow, so-so
имя прилагательное
moderate or average in size, amount, or rank.
the village contained no poor households but a lot of middling ones
fairly or moderately.
middling rich
имя существительное
bulk goods of medium grade, especially flour of medium fineness.
The DF fed in this study contained 75% wheat middlings and 25% ground food waste collected from retail groceries.
I finished my writing course, which was middling interesting, I guess.
As taxi drivers they are fair to middling , but with questionable standards of personal hygiene.
They've always had something more important to attend to - the creation of huge, middling and small fortunes for those who hold power.
Colors are properly saturated and vibrant, black levels are solid, though the sharpness is good to middling .
The essayists are not all British but all of their expositions are measured, well stated summations of a middling to moderately conservative treatment of Paul.
Music was meant to be heard through a surreal filter, and without it, the fair to middling material confronting me daily is left painfully naked, bereft of the alchemic powers of those magical elixirs.
He followed a line of England managers who had had middling amounts of success but who had never realised the strong ambitions of a nation which yearns for success.
Rising rents have fed growth, too, but in SPG's regional malls they gained a middling 7% a year on average since 1996.
The more disillusioned they became, the less rancor they felt about the present day - which may help to explain the film's middling box-office career.
Our performance on the show this evening was fair to middling , I would say.