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mid / в середине
в середине
in the middle of, mid, in the center of, in the midst of, in the mid of, amidst
имя прилагательное
average, secondary, medium, middle, mean, mid
mid, median, medial, mean
имя прилагательное
of or in the middle part or position of a range.
the mid 17th century
in the middle of.
denoting the middle of.
Here, a selection of just over a hundred sheets ranges from the late gothic to the mid sixteenth century.
In the mid 19th century the air of cities seemed to be much fouler than their water.
It is hoped that the successful candidate will take up his/her position in mid January.
She said that the canal had to be dug with pick and shovel with hundreds of men employed before its opening in the mid eighteenth century.
The building dates back to the early or mid 19th century, with a later extension at the back, which was used as a forge.
A man, believed to be an English national and in his mid 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene.
It should not be so surprising that men are more likely to telework than women, or that those who do telework are from mid career professional positions.
This is the last building they saw well, before they were deployed back in mid February for the Middle East.
A deliberate policy of promoting free trade can be traced back to the mid nineteenth century.
In the mid 19th century it was home to patriotic Viscount Palmerston, the oldest man ever to become Prime Minister.