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microwave / микроволновая печь, микроволны, сантиметровые волны
имя существительное
микроволновая печь
microwave oven, microwave
microwave, microwaves
сантиметровые волны
microwave, microwaves
имя прилагательное
microwave, microwaveable
разогревать в микроволновой печи
cook (food) in a microwave oven.
You are right to point out that I overlooked the scientific inaccuracy of the previous questioner and focused instead on the food being microwaved .
I was trying to microwave some soya beans for snacking.
I am looking for any information on the Doppler radars and the effects of microwave radiation.
The catch is that radar uses radio waves in the microwave frequency range, or approximately one centimeter in wavelength.
According to the pigeon enthusiasts, powerful electromagnetic microwave radiation is destroying the birds' sense of direction.
Turbine blades also emit microwave radiation which can interfere with planes' primary radar, secondary surveillance radar and navigation aids.
microwave radiation
Digital cell phones send out compressed information through microwave pulses of electromagnetic radiation.
Molecular absorption spectra are observed in the infrared and microwave portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.
They emit electromagnetic radiation called low intensity pulsed microwave radiation.
a cheesecake was defrosting in the microwave