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microsurgery / микрохирургия
имя существительное
имя существительное
intricate surgery performed using miniaturized instruments and a microscope.
But, they are being used now in microsurgery and plastic surgery, potentially in treatment of inflammation.
The trickiest part of the surgery involved microsurgery to separate the tiny nerves and arteries in their shared lower spine.
Reversal of tubal ligation is one of the main indications for tubal microsurgery .
Surgical approaches include excisional procedures to remove part or all of the lymphedematous tissue and microsurgery to create an anastomosis between the lymph system and another vessel.
And I mean, I had microsurgery , even though it wasn't successful, perhaps they opened again, or perhaps it was because I was on holidays or perhaps it was because I was nearly giving up, I was letting go, you know.
The veins were connected by microsurgery to the coronary arteries beyond the narrowed areas and then linked to the high-pressure artery, the aorta, just above the heart.
It requires microsurgery to attach the free-flap to a blood supply, but you get a tummy tuck thrown in while avoiding the trim-flap problems.
The operating microscope, funded fully from a donation by the Westfield Health Scheme, will help doctors perform microsurgery with great precision.
She completed a residency in plastic surgery at Stanford, and continued her studies in microsurgery under a fellowship at Davies Medical Center in San Francisco.
It would be much less than a millimetre even involved these days in much surgery, particularly microsurgery .
This system in the past has been plagued with technical difficulties that occasionally made the HeNe aiming beam diverge from the CO2 vaporising beam, rendering the system imprecise for microsurgery .