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microscopic / микроскопический
имя прилагательное
microscopic, microscopical
имя прилагательное
so small as to be visible only with a microscope.
microscopic algae
of or relating to a microscope.
microscopic analysis of the soil
His intimate Portrait of a Man (London, NG) is detailed with microscopic precision and the sitter is, unusually, placed by an open window overlooking a landscape.
Most of these fossils are microscopic bacteria and algae.
Furthermore, the intellectual processes of pathologists during microscopic analysis sessions can differ from one another noticeably.
One of my concerns, echoing those of Duster, is the manner in which external traits previously linked to race might now become microscopic objects of distrust and abnormalcy.
But the plight of Cameron - whose guilt must have been magnified by the island's microscopic smallness and the glare of the lighthouse lamp - was peculiarly unaffecting.
Stumpf said that bloom intensified when it moved south of Sanibel Island, possibly with a bloom of a diatom, a type of microscopic algae, called Rhizosolenia.
Coccoliths are the extremely small calcareous parts of microscopic marine algae.
The only life found in the lake are some microscopic algae that live between certain layers of water within variable depths of the lake.
And so, let me take this time to list a few of the many microscopic details that make ordinary day to day living worth it all for me.
From now on every shuttle launch will be tracked and examined in microscopic detail, and this should set a precedent for all future manned space launches.