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microprocessor / микропроцессор
имя существительное
microprocessor, micro
имя существительное
an integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer.
Logic circuits are wired together on silicon chips to make microprocessors and computers.
In a traditional architecture, this requires an action and overhead from the microprocessor each time data is moved.
The microprocessor is configured with a predecoder and an instruction cache.
A microprocessor determines a alternator condition as a function of the electrical output.
You need to go far back in time to remember a CPU microprocessor that was able to operate completely without a heat sink.
The central microprocessor receives information from the autofocus system and the light meter.
For example, when there's a cache miss, the execution unit is shut down, because the microprocessor knows it's not going to be used for a few cycles.
By contrast, a traditional microprocessor would have had to run many iterations of the software to come up with the answer.
The cpu is the central processing unit that contains a microprocessor .
The only way this could have happened is by someone granting him a patent on a microprocessor years after microprocessors have been invented and companies formed to make them.
The consumption per microprocessor increases while the number of microprocessors in use exponentially grows.