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microminiaturization / микроминиатюризация
имя существительное
the manufacture of extremely small versions of electronic devices.
We all know that this is due to the microminiaturisation of silicon chips and other hardware.
Today, microminiaturization is the newest fad in technology.
The microminiaturization of LSIs has led to an increase in variations in the device characteristics.
The demands for continuing microminiaturization led to the fabrication of flash memory devices comprising transistors having a gate width of about 0.13 micron and under and gate structures spaced apart by a small gap of about 0.30 micron or less.
Finally, microminiaturization opens the potential for great cost savings in both manufacturing and logistics.
The new SOP packaging platform prototype enables microminiaturization of consumer products through the elimination of surface passive components and interconnection lengths, while significantly improving performance.
The newly released BCR2600 series was designed with microminiaturization , lightweight and built-in decoding and requires limited space for installation.
The microminiaturization technology deals with overlapping disciplines, involving microelectronics, solid-state electronics, photoelectronics, physics, mechanics and material science.
Advances in microminiaturization of both digital and radio frequency electronics have made possible sophisticated capabilities in small satellites.
Electronic knowledge and microminiaturization have progressed so much that the limits appear biological rather than technological.
scientists are working on microminiaturization technology