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micrometre / микрометр
Discovered by an international team of Russian, Norwegian, British and US geoscientists, the diamond fragments at only 20-80 micrometres in size are too small to see without a microscope.
Pore length was measured as the length of the stomatal pore in micrometres .
Particles between 0.05 micrometres and one micrometre scatter light and radiation, aiding atmospheric reactions.
One micrometer is about the size of an average bacterium.
Next, the researchers measured profiles of the bullets' surface ridges and grooves to accuracies of 20 nanometers in depth and a few micrometers across the surface.
A careful adjustment of the experimental exchange times should allow the detection of confined motions for typical distance scales between nanometers and micrometers .
In the part of the infrared spectrum trapped by CO2-wavelengths between 13 and 19 micrometres - they found that between 1970 and 1997 less and less radiation was escaping.
That distance varies from a few hundred nanometers to a few micrometers , depending on atom velocity.
These microscopic organisms, typically 1-5 micrometres long, are distinguished by the absence of sub-cellular organelles, such as a nucleus, mitochondria, and chloroplasts.
Challenge: today's chips contain millions of elements with features as small as a fraction of a micrometer (millionth of a meter), projected by visible light.