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micrometer / микрометр
имя существительное
имя существительное
a gauge that measures small distances or thicknesses between its two faces, one of which can be moved away from or toward the other by turning a screw with a fine thread.
Prof Rainey also examined more than 1,200 leaves of paper, even using a micrometer to measure the thickness of every sheet, as well as recording their height, width, watermarks, chainlines and other properties.
one millionth of a meter.
The tractor mechanism slowly pulls the fiber from the heated preform blank and is precisely controlled by using a laser micrometer to measure the diameter of the fiber and feed the information back to the tractor mechanism.
For each species, the length and breadth of five seeds were measured with a micrometer and averaged.
Finally, you can outside neck turn the brass if the lot indicates a severe lack of uniformity when measured with a proper micrometer .
Picard devised a micrometer to measure the diameters of celestial objects such as the Sun, Moon and planets.
The thickness of subepithelial collagen fibrosis in the gastric biopsies stained with Masson trichrome was measured with an ocular micrometer .
Polished thin sections were produced using epoxy resin as an embedding and mounting medium with a thickness of 30 m, measured by micrometer and polished using 0.05 m aluminium oxide so that no scratches remained.
The thickness of both wing webs was measured by a pressure-sensitive micrometer before injection.
The length and width of anthers were measured with a micrometer under a stereomicroscope.
The surface area of allergic mucin per slide was measured with an ocular micrometer , quantitated, and averaged for each case, then compared between the 2 groups.
Diameters of the potato tuber were scanned by moving a laser micrometer along the longitudinal axis of the tuber at constant speed, and tuber volume was evaluated as an aggreg ate of thin discs.