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microfilm / микрофильм
имя существительное
microfilm, microcopy, bibliofilm
имя существительное
a length of film containing microphotographs of a newspaper, catalog, or other document.
all those forms go on microfilm
make a microfilm of (a newspaper, catalog, or other document).
The selected titles were microfilmed by Document Technology, Inc., of Mobile.
While innumerable neurotic New Yorker fanatics have saved piles of the magazine in closets or basements, the few easily accessible archives of the magazine's contents have been on microfilm or in bound volumes in public libraries.
all those forms go on microfilm
the grant will pay to microfilm the most fragile of these papers
He said that in his company, employees would microfilm copies of outgoing international telegrams that would then be picked up by a government courier.
Attempts to microfilm the manuscripts were aborted for this reason.
As local studies librarian I manage a wide-ranging collection including newspapers and indexes to birth, marriages and deaths, which you can book to consult on microfilm by telephoning the library.
Anybody want to buy the entire 1950s run on microfilm ?
Except for published extracts, these 124 manuscript diaries have only been available at the West Point Library and on microfilm .
Far too much of my work involved reading old newspapers and regional magazines on microfilm .
When he nipped to the loo, I managed to microfilm details of his latest report to his troops which he calls Gremlins.