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microfiche / микрофиша
имя существительное
имя существительное
a flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a newspaper, catalog, or other document.
this new journal is available as a microfiche
make a microfiche of (a newspaper, catalog, or other document).
Like in 1995, if you met someone at a party who said they were a writer, you'd have to go down to the library and look up their books on the microfiche .
But if it really is, why not sign the release forms and allow reporters to get direct access to the archived files on microfiche ?
‘On microfiche ,’ Tom answered, putting his glasses away.
The sixth essay, titled ‘Portrait of a Londoner,’ was eventually found on the microfiche in the University of Sussex library.
Sixteen sets of notes were unavailable to the trust's audit team, and a further 104 were available only on microfiche .
On microfiche , the documents were published by Primary Source Microfilm as Declassified Documents Reference System.
The green square on the right represents the entire microfiche , and the larger image shown on the left is one page scanned from it.
they are putting back issues on microfiche
The newspapers contain the DNA of the era, and the microfiche is the amber that holds them.
He was the most skilled caricaturist the paper ever had; his work just jumps off the old microfiche .