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microenvironment / микросреда
имя существительное
the immediate small-scale environment of an organism or a part of an organism, especially as a distinct part of a larger environment.
Although shelters likely altered other, unquantified microenvironmental variables, experimental units were affected equally.
Variability among colonies includes developmental (as indicated above), microenvironmental , teratological, plus macroenvironmental and genetic differences between colonies.
Microenvironmental conditions, seed availability, and species response to microenvironmental conditions, can therefore differ greatly and together determine seedling germination and establishment in the community.
Rather, the best predictor of microenvironmental selection on shade avoidance traits was microsite soil moisture, probably due to drought-dependent opportunity costs of elongation as discussed above.
Chronic UV irradiation of the skin may induce local microenvironmental changes, such as upregulation of epidermal SCF production, that in turn influence mast cell recruitment, differentiation and phenotype.