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microelectronics / микроэлектроника
имя существительное
microelectronics, microchip
имя существительное
the design, manufacture, and use of microchips and microcircuits.
‘Wire bonding is a highly complex technology used in microelectronics to ultrasonically fuse together components within circuitry,’ Greasley said.
University of Colorado at Boulder researchers have developed a new polymer that resists cracking and shrinking, paving the way for creative breakthroughs in fields ranging from dentistry and microelectronics to the auto industry.
They are also proposing ways in which the tiny devices could be linked to conventional microelectronics .
‘Manufacturers should be able to reduce costs in the same way that costs for microelectronics have been reduced,’ he said.
Miniaturization of microelectronics has a finite end based on today's technology.
The new porous material could show greater insulating abilities and are interesting as packaging material in microelectronics .
As the technology goes smaller and faster, moving from microelectronics to nanoelectronics, the question looms: How much longer can the pace of such advances continue?
That means optical maskless lithography systems used in the fabrication of next generation microelectronics can have features as small as 50 nm and high throughput.
Biomimetics is the science of using microelectronics to mimic biological systems.
For almost four decades, the progress of microelectronics , as defined by Moore's Law, has been based on the constant optimization of cost-efficient materials, processes and technologies.
Basically microelectronics is electronics taken down to such a small scale that people can't do it by hand anymore - doing everything on the computer, writing hardware description language.