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microcomputer / микрокомпьютер, микроЭВМ, микрокалькулятор
имя существительное
microcomputer, micro
microcalculator, microcomputer
имя существительное
a small computer that contains a microprocessor as its central processor.
The microcomputer then selects one of communication systems based on the profile.
The Altair 8800 was chosen by two young Harvard University students as the platform for the first microcomputer , Basic interpreter.
Then, in Silicon Valley and Texas in the mid 1970s, the microcomputer was invented.
Although there were no tangible health risks involved in the development of the microcomputer , the strategies for funding research were not wholly unlike from those of the tobacco industry.
The kits have an autonomous microcomputer that can be programmed with a PC.
Imagine a microcomputer supported by dozens of interface, memory and processor option boards.
In a nutshell, a microcomputer is a small computer that executes software and monitors inputs to control various functions, from something as simple as a window motor to something as complex as a complete engine.
The microcomputer then selects one of communication systems based on the profile.
Scores and computed data were entered into an IBM-compatible microcomputer of our design.
Back in the late 1970's and 1980's, powerful microcomputers were incredibly noisy devices that would almost give you a headache if you spent any time using them.
If you are accustomed to working with microcomputers , you may feel that microcontrollers are tight spots.