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micro / микропроцессор, микрокомпьютер, микротехника
имя существительное
microprocessor, micro
microcomputer, micro
имя прилагательное
extremely small.
a micro dining area
(used commonly in units of measurement) denoting a factor of one millionth (10 −6 ).
But the sale of the micro motorbikes could be far more widespread because they could be sold at markets or through newspaper ads where the seller is untraceable, Ms Foley added.
They were taken around different micro watershed areas, sholas and grasslands and shown the steps being taken by the Forest Department to conserve water resources.
A micro camera fixed on the bumper displays three different colours on the rear view mirror along with beep sounds that increases in intensity if one is getting too close to hitting something.
Geographically accurate topographical maps with close contours to show the drainage pattern at micro level are not available.
But the various factorial combinations and gradations of these postures and micro expressions are so vast that cataloguing them is beyond the scope of the world of number and word.
He could feel the tiny micro movements in her fingers as she clung onto his back lovingly.
It's all part of the same game, just down to the micro level, and reading your columns of late I would like to do whatever we can to give them a push.
Viewed at the micro level, this idea appears palatable to the pro-choicer because it is assumes that the choice to abort the child will not be selected in every pregnancy.
Jodrell Bank, the radio astronomy observatory in the UK, uses a BBC micro from the early 1980s to steer one of their smaller dishes which tracks a pulsar in the Crab nebula.
We're also developing a dining space for between five and eight people, for micro supper clubs.