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mickle / михайличенко
имя существительное
a large amount.
It didn't fare so well with the question ‘How many mickle in a muckle ?’
имя прилагательное
very large.
she had a great big elephant … that's one of those mickle beasts from Africa
much; a large amount.
It didn't fare so well with the question ‘How many mickle in a muckle ?’
I'm not sure what a muckle is, but I'm assured it's something positive and desirable.
Do you open that muckle gate, or do I stand here until the rain rots it away?
She was there to make Maggie look sexy and with her builder's hands and big muckle face, I do wonder if she wasn't post-operative transsexual.
Do you know there's this old church in Aberdeen that's now a great muckle warren o' a pub that can hold 1,500 folk?
‘When they cast the colours at the end of the Selkirk common riding a great, muckle lump comes into my throat, even though I ken it's a load o' rubbish.’
The footballer has vowed to walk out on the club that he loves if they carry on meeting his heartfelt pleas for talks on his future with a muckle wall of silence.
Flanked on either side by a lass with a muckle great sword, and blowing for all he's worth, Kenny leads the procession into the main exhibition and conference hall, through a glitter of camera flashes.