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mickey / издевка
имя существительное
wipe, dig, mickey
имя существительное
tease or ridicule someone.
You had to try and block your mind off from what they were talking about because they were laughing and joking and taking the mickey out of me.
Doctors told her she was drugged but did not know what with, and Stasi has no idea who might have slipped her the mickey or why.
they would take the mickey out of me with sickening enthusiasm
In greedy desperation, Oberon plans to distract Titania by having his impish henchman Puck (the hirsute Stanley Tucci) slip her a mickey , causing her to fall in love with something repulsive.
I couldn't believe it this morning when I read it in the paper and all the radio stations, I thought I must have dreamt this, and who's dropped a mickey in my drink last night?
And when I saw this hottie bit of hand leaning on the bar I slipped myself a mickey , and the next thing I know I was taking myself back to my place.
Greta here slipped me a mickey one night, and here I am.
I bet some guy slipped me a mickey
That mickey I was slipped stole a month of my life, and I'm not happy.
Presumably, now that one can just buy them a damn beer instead of sneaking them a mickey , they should be able to get a record review that isn't prefaced with the critic's incredulity that such young'uns should be so focused.
Somebody slips me a mickey in the pub and I become a demon who thinks he's talking totally normally to people, but in fact it is all a grotesque noise.