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mic / микрофон
The speaker stood up from the front row and his radio mic jumped out of his pocket as he climbed the steps to the podium.
At some point in their careers, most broadcasters have made an unguarded comment when the fader was open and the mic was live.
We go to Sona and they let the men grab the mic, they never let us girls grab the mic .
An emcee is a microphone controller, so I held the mic and I controlled it.
Dynamic mics use simpler, cheaper circuitry than condenser mics , which need a power supply and are more delicate, but provide a more subtle sound.
So for the next hour, we moved everyone 20 yards over and then reset the mics and the levels.
We spent about $300 on rentals and put two mics into a DAT machine.
We went to the back of Jem's trunk and helped unload the amps and guitars and mics and other supplies.
They sat in a windowless room and a censor turned on their speakers and mics when he or she wanted them to listen or talk.
They'll have host mics and a guest mic submix where there are 15 guest mics , but only three are used in a certain segment.