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miasma / миазмы, вредные испарения
имя существительное
miasm, miasma, effluvium, mephitis
вредные испарения
имя существительное
a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor.
a miasma of stale alcohol hung around him like marsh gas
The retail plant industry is too large and lucrative to allow us plantspeople to languish in a miasma of monochrome, although of course it is perfectly possible to have a simply wonderful garden just by using all-green plants.
All of them sensed the palpable miasma of evil which clung to its tunnels, though some were more sensitive to it than others.
Lyrically and musically, the album's tone of entropy does more to underscore the miasma of dread most people feel under the current political conditions than it does to rebel significantly against it.
As I sank into a miasma of guilt, I began to wrestle with the question: Why?
But in the last series, it was enveloped in a miasma of nastiness.
Closer, and I caught the sharp smell hanging over the general miasma : the stink of fresh urine.
a miasma of despair rose from the black workshops
a miasma of despair rose from the black workshops
Although the effectiveness of his campaign remains to be seen, it has shone like a beacon of virtue through the miasma of greed that characterizes corrupt politicians and state officials.
I mean, in the end, remedies will adapt and be found for that purpose, and you seem to create a miasma of difficulty which it is the business of courts to cure if there is a constitutional or statutory offence.