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miaow / мяукать
mew, meow, miaow, miaou, mule, mewl
имя существительное
meow, mewing, miaow, mew, miaou
But if we walk up to the box and open it to hear - let's hope - the loud miaow of a very puzzled cat, only then do we actually know that it has survived its uncertain ordeal.
Four-year-old macaw Sid can miaow like a cat, bark like a dog and laugh like a drain… but maybe it was the swearing like a trooper that got him in a spot of bother.
Said Tim: ‘I had got in the car and was about to drive off when I heard a faint miaow .’
with a miaow the brown kitten jumped down
It was simply that today's players want the cat, the skin, the fur and the miaow !
The tenth cat had lost the ability to miaow through secondhand smoke and instead croaked through a voicebox, but to play it safe and not skew the results too favorably I decided to err on the side of caution and discount his vote.
Anyway, I decided to give this l'il pussy cat that I met recently a chance to let all my readers hear her plaintive meow .
I've heard her meow , once, so she's capable of it.
The male kitten, a grey tabby only ten weeks old, was heard miaowing from under the bonnet of a car which had just been driven from York to Carlisle and back - via Manchester.
It was wonderfully relaxing, except for the bit where the cats meowed all bloody night in the corridor.