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mews / конюшни, извозчичий двор
имя существительное
извозчичий двор
mews, livery-stable
имя существительное
a row or street of houses or apartments that have been converted from stables or built to look like former stables.
The entrance to the mews or garden flat is from the lane behind the main house, and it has the appearance of a country cottage.
имя существительное
the high-pitched crying noise made by a cat or bird.
a kitten's mew
a cage or building for trained hawks, especially while they are molting.
Bobby hoisted his one-year-old son, Aidan, into a backpack and went to transfer two pet hawks from their outdoor weathering perch to an indoor mews .
(of a cat or some kinds of bird) make a characteristic high-pitched crying noise.
a throng of cats and kittens mewing to be fed
(especially of a trained hawk) molt.
The word itself derives from the royal stables at Charing Cross in London built on the site where the royal hawks were once moulted or mewed .
confine (a trained hawk) to a cage or building at the time of molting.
The principal change from the first phase is the inclusion of a downstairs bedroom and the decision to remove the mews in favour of a sun lounge.
It also includes the four-storey townhouses, basements, yards and mews .
Dating from the early 1980s, this semi-detached four-bedroom mews is 130 square metres in area.
In addition to three reception rooms and four bedrooms, it boasts a self-contained granny flat, a two-story mews and extensive parking for six cars.
This quaint cottage-style mews extends to 85 square metres, including a living room, dining room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.
A two-storey mews at the rear of the building fronts onto Laverty Court providing access to the car park.
A strong selling point will be a 28 square metre stone outhouse with floored loft - this could be converted to a large garage or possibly a self-contained mews or granny flat, subject to planning permission.
Someone, in the cloistered mews where Aston Martins are built, came up with some rather novel marketing ideas.
‘Had all the horses in the mews in a powerful fret,’ said Robert as he saddled his master's horse.
An architect designed mews on Upper George's Avenue in Blackrock is now on the market through HOK Residential.